hepatitis    [,hep?‘ta?t?s]肝炎    107

antigen   [‘ænt?d??n]抗原,any substance (as a toxin or enzyme) that stimulates an immune response in the body (especially the production of antibodies)


Antibodies are substances that a person‘s or an animal‘s body produces in their blood in order to destroy substances that carry disease.

hbsag        [免疫] 乙型肝炎病毒表面抗原(hepatitis B surface antigen)     19
anti-hbs      abbr. 抗乙型肝炎表面抗原的抗体(antibody to hepatitis b surface antigen)   19
dose           剂量   17
administered   被注射   16
anti-hbc       Hepatitis B core Antibody核心抗体   15
hemodialysis    [,hi?m?da?‘æl?s?s]血液透析 11


dialysis (医)透析[?da??æl?s?s]
presence      存在    10
aged    (形容词,动词)老化           9
booster     增加器       7
booster doses of Hepatitis B vaccine

???travelers          6
serologic      [,si?r?‘l?d?ik]血清学的    6

serology[s??‘r?l?d??] 血清学
???schedule           6
immunocompromised    [,imjun?u‘k?mpr?maizd] 免疫功能不全的    6

unable to develop a normal immune response usually because of malnutrition or immunodeficiency or immunosuppressive therapy
???settings           5

fluids    [‘flu??d]液体,流动         5
transmit  传输       4
susceptible    [s?‘sept?b(?)l]易得病的人 ,易受影响的    4

If you are susceptible to a disease or injury, you are very likely to be affected by it

prevalence    流行,患病率     4
practices规范          4
postvaccination  疫苗后     4
???ongoing            4
hbsag-positive   HBV表面抗原阳性    4
???committee          4
???advisory           4
transmission    传递,传送   3
???single-antigen       3
serum    [ ‘s??r?m]      血清   3
schedules          3
protein      [‘pr??ti?n]蛋白质      3
perinatal       [,per?‘ne?t(?)l] 出生前后的    3
interpretation   [?nt??pr?‘te??(?)n]解释,翻译    3
intermediate   中介,媒体    3
end-stage      晚期的    3

viral        病毒的      6
cirrhosis     [s?‘r??s?s]肝硬化     3

is a disease which destroys a person‘s liver and which can kill them. It is often caused by drinking too much alcohol.

antiviral     抗病毒剂  [ænt?‘va?r(?)l]   3

incubation period潜伏期

onset      开始        5

The incubation period from the time of exposure to onset of symptoms is 6 weeks to 6 months


carcinoma  癌,肿瘤[,kɑ?s?‘n??m?]

hepatocellular carcinoma   (缩写HCC)肝癌

genotype         14

基因型[‘d?en?ta?p; ‘d?i?n-]

a group of organisms sharing a specific genetic constitution

genome            12


genome is
the particular number and arrangement of chromosomes within the cells
of an organism such as an animal or plant that distinguishes it from
other types of organism. 基因组

chromosome 染色体[‘kr??m?s??m]

a threadlike body in the cell nucleus that carries the genes in a linear order

subtype 亚型          10

strand           [strænd]线   6

a strand of DNA 一个DNA链,double-stranded    双链   3

polymerase 多聚酶   [‘p?l?m?re?z; p?‘l?m?re?z]      5

an enzyme that catalyzes the formation of new DNA and RNA from an existing strand of DNA or RNA

virion       [‘v?r??n]病毒粒子,病毒体      4

N a virus in infective form, consisting of an RNA particle within a protein covering

???strains            4

envelope        包膜   4

envelope virus 有包膜病毒 ; 膜病毒

transcription   [træn‘skr?p??n]转录     3

the organic process whereby the DNA sequence in a gene is copied into
mRNA; the process whereby a base sequence of messenger RNA is
synthesized on a template of complementary DNA

orthohepadnavirus     正噬肝病毒  3

nucleus    细胞核       [‘nju?kl??s] 3

non-coding         3

mrna               3

信使核糖核酸(Messenger RNA)

template for protein synthesis; the form of RNA that carries
information from DNA in the nucleus to the ribosome sites of protein
synthesis in the cell

interval       间隔    3

clade        /kle?d/   3

N a group of organisms considered as having evolved from a common ancestor (进化)分支





Orthohepadnavirus, 又称正肝病毒属; 代表种:乙型肝炎病毒

Avihepadnavirus(avian hepadnavirus), 又称禽肝病毒属;代表种:鸭乙型肝炎病毒(Duck Hepatitis B virus,DHBV)

avian 鸟类的

open reading frame(ORF开放区)

(cccDNA):covalently closed circular DNA 共价闭合环形DNA

occult        [?‘k?lt] 隐蔽的    41

OBI(occult HBV infection)隐匿性乙肝病毒感染

presence of HBV DNA without HBsAg

donor     捐赠者[‘d??n?; -n??]

(medicine) someone who gives blood or tissue or an organ to be used in another person (the host)     35

blood donor 献血者


recipients  接受者  [ri‘sipi?nt]    21

a person who gets something


transfusion   [trænz‘fj???n]输血    18

the introduction of blood or blood plasma into a vein血管 or artery动脉

screening       审查  18

screening for transfusion 输血筛选

screening of blood donors

blood screening 血液筛选

of hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg) in routine screening of blood
donors in the early 1970s has greatly enhanced transfusion safety.

infectivity     传染性  15
assays       [?‘se?; ‘æse?]化验     14

HBV DNA amplification assay乙肝病毒DNA扩增分析
candotti     (一位研究员人名)     10
???obis               8

iu/ml              7
???endemic       [en‘dem?k]      7
???conducted          7
transplantation   (器官) 移植   6

an operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient)

Blood screening is vital to prevent infection through transfusion and organtransplantation.

residual    [r?‘z?dj??l]残余        6
overt     明显的         5
molecular    [m?‘lekj?l?]分子的      5

molecule   [‘m?l?kju?l] 分子

marker         标记    5
???carrying           5
???post-transfusion       4
nucleic       核的     4
immunocompetent   免疫活性的    4

capable of developing an immune response following exposure to an antigen

???gerlich            4
diagnostic       [da??g‘n?st?k]诊断的  4
diagnosis       [,da??g‘n??s?s]诊断   4
???carriage           4
amplification   [,æmpl?f?‘ke???n] 放大     4
???addition           4
absence      缺乏      4
viremia      [vai‘ri:mi?]     [医] 病毒血症 3

the presence of a virus in the blood stream

variant  (adj,n)不同的,变体 [‘ve?r??nt]     3
transfusion-transmitted  输血传播     3
specificity      [,spes?‘f?s?t?]  [免疫] 特异性3
sera       血清 (复数) [‘s??r?]      3
prophylaxis      [医] 预防 [,pr?f?‘læks?s] 3


the prevention of disease

peripheral   [p?‘r?f(?)r(?)l]外围的,周边的adj,n      3
pathogenesis   [,pæθ?(?)‘d?en?s?s]   n. 发病机理 3
particles     物质,颗粒     3
novel       新的       3

novel immunoassay 新的免疫分析

median      中值,中位数       3

median of 5.8 years 平均5.8年

marrow      [‘mær??]骨髓       3

isolated    [‘a?s?le?t?d]分离的       3
???implementing       3
implementation   实行,执行    3
???hollinger          3
genomic      [d?i?‘n??m?k]基因组的      3
extensively      [ik‘stensivli] 广泛的   3
???dna-containing       3
clearance    [‘kl??r(?)ns] 清除       3
carrier  (病毒)携带者           3
biopsy      [‘ba??ps?]活组织检查       3
amino  <化>氨基的      [?‘mino]        3

window period” (WP)窗口期


defective interfering particles 缺陷性干扰颗粒

nucleic acid核酸

DNA----Deoxyribonucleic acid 脱氧核糖核酸

deoxyribose脱氧核糖[d?,?ks?‘ra?b??z; -s]

a sugar that is a constituent of nucleic acids

whereas 然而,反之



Humoral and cellular immune 体液和细胞免疫

integration of viral sequence病毒基因集成(综合)

pivotal 关键的

neonates[‘ni??(?)ne?t] 新生儿

ALT flare  突然性升高

erupt or intensify suddenly

fulminant爆发性的 hepatitis B

fulminant hepatitis B 爆发性乙肝

clinician  临床医生[kl?‘n??n]

contract 感染

As in highly endemic countries, the majority of infections are contracted perinatally or in early childhood;

approved   官方认可的       12

established by authority; given authoritative approval

preclinical      [pri?‘kl?n?k(?)l] 临床前的;现出症状之前的潜伏期的  7

or relating to the early phases of a disease when accurate diagnosis is
not possible because symptoms of the disease have not yet appeared

inhibit    [?n‘h?b?t]    抑制;禁止  7

to put down by force or authority

inhibitor      [?n‘h?b?t?]   n. [助剂] 抑制剂,抗化剂;抑制者 6

a substance that retards or stops an activity

tenofovir          5


???gilead             5
therapeutic     [,θer?‘pju?t?k](n/adj)  治疗剂,治疗学家 4

a medicine or therapy that cures disease or relieve pain

???foster             4

prodrug      [‘pro,dr?ɡ]   n. 前体药物,药物前体;前药    3

prodrug is a medication that is initially administered to the body in
an inactive (or less than fully active) form, and then becomes converted
to its active form through the normal metabolic processes of the body.

interferon    [生化][药] 干扰素   [,?nt?‘f??r?n]  3

N any
of a family of proteins made by cells in response to virus infection
that prevent the growth of the virus. Some interferons can prevent cell
growth and have been tested for use in cancer therapy 干扰素

Mimic naturally-occurring, infection-fighting immune substances produced in the body

immuneglobulin    免疫球蛋白    3


globulin 球蛋白[‘ɡl?bjulin]

N any
of a group of simple proteins, including gamma globulin, that are
generally insoluble in water but soluble in salt solutions and
coagulated by heat 球蛋白



Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg): A
protein on the surface of HBV; it can be detected in high levels in
serum during acute or chronic HBV infection. The presence of HBsAg
indicates that the person is infectious. The body normally produces
antibodies to HBsAg as part of the normal immune response to infection.
HBsAg is the antigen used to make Hepatitis B vaccine.

Hepatitis B surface antibody (anti-HBs): The
presence of anti-HBs is generally interpreted as indicating recovery
and immunity from HBV infection. Anti-HBs also develops in a person who
has been successfully vaccinated against Hepatitis B.

Total Hepatitis B core antibody (anti-HBc): Appears
at the onset of symptoms in acute Hepatitis B and persists for life.
The presence of anti-HBc indicates previous or ongoing infection with
HBV in an undefined time frame.

IgM antibody to Hepatitis B core antigen (IgM anti-HBc): Positivity indicates recent infection with HBV (≤6 months). Its presence indicates acute infection.

Hepatitis B e antigen (HBeAg):
A secreted product of the nucleocapsid gene of HBV that is found in
serum during acute and chronic Hepatitis B. Its presence indicates that
the virus is replicating and the infected person has high levels of HBV.

Hepatitis B e antibody (HBeAb or anti-HBe):
Produced by the immune system temporarily during acute HBV infection or
consistently during or after a burst in viral replication. Spontaneous
conversion from e antigen to e antibody (a change known as
seroconversion) is a predictor of long-term clearance of HBV in patients
undergoing antiviral therapy and indicates lower levels of HBV.


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import jieba import os import jieba.analyse data = cleaned_comments # 数据来源于评论数据 seg = jieba.lcut(data) print(seg) # 增加自定义词表库 mydict = os.getcwd()+"/mydict.txt" jieba.load_userdict(mydict) seg = jieba.lcut(data) print(seg) import jieba.posseg as

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