7.0 Streams

When I worked on Lab-1, I used Streams, though I hadn‘t learned that.

And this time, let me talk about more details of Streams.

First, let‘s have a look at a piece of codes.


In the above codes, we copy a .txt file FFFF.txt to a new-built .txt file COPY.txt

Following are two files in the given directory. And they have the same contents.

//Implementing buffered I/O

This time, we still copy the .txt file FFFF.txt, too. However, we used a new way, that is, we copy the file by implementing BufferedStream.

We get the same result, though.

//Reading and Writing to a text file

The third time, we finished the same function but this time we used Streams specially for the text file.

And this time, I write the output to the console which is the content of the copied file, FFFF.txt. We can also find the new file that copy from FFFF.txt in the directory.

(Don‘t amazed by the content, it‘s just some error message that occurred when I ran another program before,,,,,,~)


// While using Streams, don‘t forget to Close() the Streams after we complete our work with them.

-----------------END & TO BE CONTINUED-----------------

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