Dental wedge with handle

A dental wedge has a handle portion attached to the dental wedge portion for use in separating teeth. The handle portion facilitates positioning and insertion of the dental wedge portion between teeth. The handle portion may be frangibly attached to the dental wedge portion. In another embodiment, the handle portion may have a bendable portion to facilitate positioning of the dental wedge portion. The dental wedge portion may be of a variety of different shapes. The dental wedge portion and handle portion greatly facilitates positioning of the dental wedge portion between teeth and adjacent a matrix band utilized in a dental restoration.

In many dental procedures, and in particular a restorative dental procedure, dental wedges are often needed. When decay is located between two teeth, tooth material must often be removed between the two teeth. After the removal of the dental material in preparation for restoration, a matrix band is often placed between the two teeth to form a wall so as to contain the restorative dental material.

However, many matrix bands are not adapted well to the bottom or gingival portions of the tooth being restored. In order to obtain a good fit with the tooth and adaptation of the matrix band to the gingival portion, a wedge is often forced into the area between the matrix band and an adjacent tooth. The purpose of the wedge is to force the gingival portion of the matrix band against the tooth, preventing the restorative fourniture dentaire from being forced beyond the cavity preparation, which could produce a permanent irritation and possible periodontal abscess. The wedge may also be used to help force the teeth apart, allowing for the thickness of the matrix band. After placement of the restorative material, the matrix band and wedge are removed allowing the slight separation of the teeth to come together. Typically, wedges are relatively small pieces of material made of wood or plastic. They are often made in many different shapes. They are usually difficult to handle and must be picked up with forceps or other small tweezer-like appliance and forced between an adjacent tooth and the matrix band. These small wedges are difficult to hold and manipulate using conventional instruments found in the dental office.

The use of a much larger dental supplies often obfuscates the view, and makes placement of the dental wedge difficult. Therefore, there is a need for a dental wedge that is more easily placed and positioned between teeth for use in dentistry.

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