Could not apply the stored configuration for monitors --ubuntu14

l[email protected]:~$ cd /home/lee
[email protected]:~$ ls
Desktop    Downloads         Music     Public     Videos
Documents  examples.desktop  Pictures  Templates
[email protected]:~$ cd /home/lee/.config
[email protected]:~/.config$ ls
brasero    gedit                 monitors.xml     sogou-qimpanel
compiz-1   gnome-control-center  nautilus         Trolltech.conf
dconf      gnome-session         pulse            update-notifier
enchant    gtk-3.0               software-center  upstart
evolution  ibus                  SogouPY          user-dirs.dirs
fcitx      libaccounts-glib      SogouPY.users    user-dirs.locale
[email protected]:~/.config$  rm -i monitors.xml
rm: remove regular file ‘monitors.xml’? y
[email protected]:~/.config$ ls -a
.          fcitx                 nautilus         update-notifier
..         gedit                 pulse            upstart
brasero    gnome-control-center  software-center  user-dirs.dirs
compiz-1   gnome-session         SogouPY          user-dirs.locale
dconf      gtk-3.0               SogouPY.users
enchant    ibus                  sogou-qimpanel
evolution  libaccounts-glib      Trolltech.conf

时间: 12-31

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