[2016-06-03]OMG美语笔记-At restaurants do you usually order hot water?


Water,no ice 水,不加冰
Can I get you started with something to drink? 您想喝点什么吗?
Could I get a water with lemon.no ice please? 能不能先上一杯柠檬水,不加冰?
And I‘d like a hot water. 我想喝热水.
start with an app. 上一点开胃菜.
Can I get you ladies started off with an app? 我能不能献给两位女士上一点小菜开胃?
Yes.We‘d like to share chicken wings to start. 好.我们先点个鸡翅好了.
half soup half salad. 一半汤,一半沙拉.
soup of the day 今日汤品
And which entrees would you ladies like today? 两位今天吃什么主菜?
I think I‘d like half soup half salad.What‘s your soup of theday? 我想要一半汤一半沙拉.你们今日汤品是什么?
Our soup of the day is tomato soup.We also have our famous chicken noodle soup. 我们的今日汤品是番茄汤,另外还有我们的招牌鸡肉汤面.
I‘ll get the tomato soup and salad please.dressing on the side. 我要一份番茄汤和一份沙拉.沙拉酱放在一边

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