Learn Python 010: Dictionary - Cinema Simulator

films = {
    ‘Finding Dory‘: [3, 5],
    ‘Bourne‘: [18, 7],
    ‘Tarzen‘: [15, 9],
    ‘Ghost Busters‘: [12, 5]

while True:
    choice = input(‘Please enter the selected film: ‘).title().strip()
    if choice in films:
        age = int(input(‘Please enter your age: ‘).strip())
        if age >= films[choice][0]:
            if films[choice][1] > 0:
                films[choice][1] = films[choice][1] - 1
                print(‘Sorry, we are sold out.‘)
            print("Sorry, you are too young to watch the film.")

        print(‘Sorry, we do not have this film.‘)
时间: 07-13

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